About Us


DISH scapes Channel 199

In 2019 Dustin created and launched the DISH scapes channel for DISH Network. DISH scapes is a relaxing channel with ambient noise that can be watched or enjoyed in the background while you are doing something else. They are themed to match DISH's monthly Watch Events. It's available to all DISH customers on channel 199. New DISH scapes added monthly!


Earth Day DISH scape

Travel around the world and explore the beauty of planet Earth. From wildlife to natural wonders, experience a new view of the world.


Unexplained DISH scape

Marvel on a stunning natural wonder setting, with a lot of mysterious things occurring in the area.


Wild West DISH scape

This western-inspired town came to life in Monument Valley, AZ.


Hollywood DISH scape

Dustin went to Hollywood to make February's DISH scape just for you. We flew by the iconic Hollywood sign and beautiful surrounding areas.

Spring Dish scape

Check out the Spring DISH scape